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Photography of dog at home

Where I call home is a typical rural English village. Quaint Victorian red brick houses, thatched cottages and proper country pubs are what you’ll find walking along the main road. In summer, people are fishing and swimming in the rivers; they swarm to the pub gardens and walk their dogs in the fleeting days of sunshine. In winter, the main street is filled with the smell of wood smoke, as families all huddle down in their houses next to open fires, away from biting winter air.

It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, I love being at home. It’s a place of comfort and beauty. I love walking my dog, Tilly, up into the hills in all the seasons because you never know what you might see and it’s a peaceful place to go and think. This post is just going to be some of my favourite photos from the countryside around my village (get ready for lots of pictures of Tilly) at different times of the year.


In the fields with my dog at Home


River at home


Dog silhouette at sunset at home


Macro photography at home



Dog photography at home


Macro photography at home


Stormy fields at Home


Sunset at home


Photo of dog at home



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