What is there to do in Liberia, Costa Rica?

Prison cell

We had come directly from Nicaragua and after a long but surprisingly smooth crossing we found our next bus which was much more comfortable than the chicken buses. Costa Rica was in our good books already.

In no time we were in Liberia. We quickly found a hostel for the night and were content, in my relaxed daze I asked Brendan to go and check the bus time for the next day. There was only one bus that we could take in order to make the rest of the buses to La Fortuna. I realise now that sending Brendan to check the time of said bus was a mistake. The comfort of the hostel had clouded my mind and for a moment I trusted Brendan with organising travel arrangements. How naïve. How foolish.

When we awoke in the morning we were the only people left in the hostel. There was something wrong. I went and checked the times and we had missed the only bus. So what could we do in Liberia for a day?


What’s this I hear you cry… A more evolved Palí, a Palí to suit all your needs, a Palí sent from the Gods?

Note: Palí is a supermarket chain seen in Nicaragua and Costa Rica and we regularly visited them for cheap food and cheap alcohol.

These shops were always useful for us and on this occasion it was just around the corner from the hostel. Combine this with the fact that we were losing our minds in this tiny city, MaxiPalí became an major attraction to us. However, after numerous excursions to MaxiPalí you feel like you’ve seen it all. Pasta, rice, beans, pastry, it had it all but we wanted more. What more could we want? Were we grasping for a level of entertainment that was just unattainable in Liberia?

To see whether Liberia can live up to our lofty hopes and dreams, read on.

Eating pasta on a white table
Saving those colónes thanks to, yeah you guessed it, MaxiPalí


The “Museum”

This isn’t as ominous as it sounds.

As we were exploring the city centre we always walked past this large square building taking up one block. Intrigued we went and asked the policeman standing outside the arched entrance what it is. He told us it’s a museum and we could go in and have a look, loving a good museum we couldn’t pass up this golden ticket.

Old prison Liberia Costa Rica
The outside of the museum

Maybe I’ve been to some weird museums in my life, but aren’t museums supposed to have exhibits?

Turns out we were walking around an old prison with many of the rooms on the ground floor just hosting offices that were closed. In light of this we climbed the steps to the top of the walls. We were greeted with not so stunning views of some rooftops. We did however get the opportunity to learn of Billy’s love for Erika through the medium of vandalism. It touches my heart that people would go to such lengths to express their feelings up in the watchtower of a former prison. And they say romance is dead.

After getting a little hot in the midday heat and the fact that there is nothing to see at the top of the prison, we went down below ground to have a look a the cells. These were pretty interesting but theres only so much to see in a dark cell as i’m sure the inmates here would have attested to.


Posing in a prison cell Liberia Costa Rica
Prison or Catwalk? You decide.


The Main Square 

A crazy amount of benches, a pavilion and some nice trees.

Main Square Liberia Costa Rica
A nice square by all accounts


A Park

I feel like I’m running out of stuff to say about Liberia now? Does it show?


Some Kids Playing Basketball? 

Ok I give up.


Final thoughts

Option 1: Get the right bus.

Option 2: Maybe just get a different bus somewhere else. Anywhere else.

Option 3: Drown your sorrows in mountains of food and drink from MaxiPalí when you do neither of the first two options.




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