Flavourful meat appreciation with other stuff – Trinidad

Cold War radar base Trinidad


If the highest density of KFCs of any country in the world doesn’t attract you to this amazing island and its little brother Tobago, then I’m not sure what will. However, I’ll try to give a flavour of the other draws to Trinidad just in case.


The Bamboo Cathedral


I’ve experienced my fair share of cathedrals and a little bit of bamboo before but never combined. Straight off the road there was a path leading through this archway of bamboo trees which were enormous and impressive, however, expecting more we decided to go up the hill to the top. It turns out the top was a little further than expected and we were soon sweating so much that I was sure I would soon lose all my bodily water and shrivel into a withered shell of a man. Eventually after conquering the hill in the humidity and heat we reached an old abandoned satellite dish and surrounding buildings. We explored the buildings and dish but were deterred from going further by the hornet nests that were in every building. My hatred for flying insects is well documented and therefore it was probably me that stopped us from delving further. No one wants to see my rage fuelled windmill of limbs it’s just not a pleasant sight.


Walking in a bamboo forest
No idea where we are going but a bamboo forest is worth an explore


If you don’t visit here it’d be a misteak


The pun is shameless and I’m sure you’ll abide it for some talk of food.

If you are a meat lover like me or even someone who enjoys the food that the food eats, then Texas de Brazil is the place for you. I’ve never had a food experience quite like it. Located in MovieTowne Boulevard in Port of Spain, it is a paradise on earth. Firstly, there is an enormous salad bar with cheeses, cold meats and of course salad items. Most importantly however is the meat. The waiters are constantly moving from table to table with enormous skewers of various meats all cooked differently. You have a card which is red on one side and green on the other, if the green side is up the waiters will approach. When they come around you just ask for whatever you want and whatever quantity you want. If you want some medium rare steak but they only have rare then ask and they’ll cook it. The meats are carved from the skewer at your table and they are incredible. I think it was the best steak I’ve ever had and some of the chicken and beef skewers were also amazing. In between your many plates of food they will bring you these sweet banana things to cleanse your palate. To have free rein of all on offer the price is 325 Trinidad Dollars, however, the price is less to just use the salad bar.

No photos were taken here because I was pretty preoccupied consuming my bodyweight in meat.


Final thoughts


I’m afraid you’ll have to leave your full camouflage outfit at home for this trip because all camouflage items (no matter the colour) are banned on both islands. Although if you’re camouflaged well enough then I’m sure customs won’t be any trouble for you. Also, minor point about gang crime, you should probably check the areas of the city that are safe to go to before visiting. Don’t let this deter you though, Trinidad is a big island with lots to do and lots to eat. Whether it be the dining experience of Texas de Brazil, or the eating out of a bucket like a human horse style KFC experience, get involved in the island life.

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