I’m James Slater and I’m currently a geology student at university who tries to get away into nature whenever possible. My childhood has always been filled with adventure. From climbing down rock faces to check out caves by the sea or exploring areas that are technically off limits, my parents encouraged the adventurous side in me. I live in a rural part of England and have always identified the hills and fields as a way to escape, with many hours being spent making dens and whittling sticks.

Cities of the world have their charms and experiences but the wilder places always draw me back. The main draws of travelling the world for me are the unique landscapes and cultures that you find in every country. This is why photography has become a hobby of mine, so I can record the my experiences visually.

(I left out food as a main draw in the previous paragraph to make it sound better, but I love food more than I love pretty much anything in this world).

Now, stuck doing a degree I don’t entirely enjoy, I spend most of my spare time dreaming of, and saving for, travel around the world. I’m a walking talking stereotype, I know. I’ve been out of Europe and I’m in my 20s, so I’m sure everyone wants to know about it. But it doesn’t matter, I love travelling and I love writing these blog posts, it distracts my mind from thoughts of rocks and minerals. Even typing that sent a shiver down my spine.

I’ve currently been to 26 countries, some of them with family which I will occasionally write about, but on the most part this blog is about travelling alone or with friends.

Let me know what you think in the comments or even drop me a like and I’d love to hear your personal experiences of these places too.

standing on a mountain
Out of focus and out of ideas in Italy


Snorkelling in Tobago
Snorkelling in Tobago