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I’m James Slater, a student from England who loves travelling the world and exploring wild places. Amazing food, beautiful landscapes and unique cultures are what drive me to travel as much as possible in my life. I found that many travel blogs are so informative that sometimes you don’t get a real sense of what the people travelling the country have experienced. This blog is a place to share my experiences of the world whether it be watching exploring Bruges during winter or sleeping out under the stars in the Sahara, theres always a story to tell.

This blog will mainly be composed of the odd piece of advice, the slight sense that I dislike a lot of things (I’m looking at you flying insects) and a strong feeling that my food obsession is going to drive me to obesity. While each post may not contain every detail, I hope that they can show the fun that anyone can have travelling, learning something new everyday.


Standing in front of waterfalls in Trinidad
Climbing and swimming at the waterfalls in Tobago surrounded by bamboo forest


Light shining through the trees in the New Forest
Finding wilderness closer to home. Getting off the beaten track in the New Forest